The Humble Almond Loaded With a Plethora of Goodness Can Be Bought In Bulk, Wholesale From Opera Foods

We specialize in foods, which not only caters to the palate but contain a host of beneficial contents to keep the body in the prime of health.

Bulk Almonds can be taken raw, soaked in water overnight or blended as a roasted or candied form in cinnamon, honey or sugar flavors or even salty taste offerings.

Rich in fiber and protein and Vitamin E (helps arrest damage by free radicals), they are a good antidote to irregular bowel motion. Being a rich source for monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, it helps keep the condition of the heart in good fettle. The magnesium content facilitates good inputs for the nerves and muscles. Rightly, you will find almonds in Pesticide free Granola and Muesli foods of Plum Foods.

Almonds are truly a Superfood, it contains Zinc Iron which is an essential component of Proteins: the latter enables a smooth and unhindered flow of oxygen to various parts of the body. The content of Plant Sterols reduces cholesterol absorption in the intestine and is low in saturated fat.

Cinnamon sugar candied almonds and honey or salt-roasted versions are delightful “anytime” snacks and can be easily packed and carried with the facility.

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