What are the Benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds over Raw Almonds?

Almonds are known as the best source of Vitamin E all over the world. Almonds are highly nutritious because they contain fiber, protein and a number of essential Vitamins and Minerals. There is a number of amazing health benefits like they protect our skin, helps in the control of sugar levels of blood, and it also strengthens the bones in our body.

The most common question which arises in our mind is “What are the benefits of Eating Soaked almonds over raw almonds?”

Take a handful of almonds and soak them in half cup of water and leave them overnight. When we soak almonds in the water it gets rid of the tannin’s in the skin which will inhibit the nutrients in the almonds to be absorbed by our body. It also softens the almonds and can be easily chewed. You can eat up to ten almonds in the morning and ten almonds in the evening to keep your heart healthy, increase good cholesterol, prevents ageing and inflammation.

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