Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy outlines how this company will handle personal information about you. Because we collect personal information online through this website.

Not Shared.
Ours policy is to only use personal information collected for the main business purpose for which it was collected. Whilst it is accessible by third party contractors who supply services to us, we do not knowingly share that information with other parties.
This business is not specifically dedicated to protecting personal information and will make only reasonable efforts to handle collected information appropriately as per any third party software designer’s guidelines for the use of the software that runs this site. All information collected, as well as related requests, will be handled as carefully and efficiently as practical in accordance with the software designer’s guidelines. However because of the incidence of hackers and the involvement of unknown third parties on most internet servers, we deem any information gathered by this service (and any other websites), to be unsafe from privacy intruders. If your really worried about privacy then we suggest you don’t use our online service (or any other internet services).
Our Newsletters.
If you provide us your email address as a customer or as a prospective customer requesting access to our online catalogue or if you request a printed catalogue online, then you are also opting-in to our Retailers Newsletter and need to separately opt-out. Any newsletters sent will have an opt-out link.

Secure Credit Card Transactions –
If you make an online order through our website,  credit cards  are processed separately on an independent Bank’s merchant Server. Your credit card details  are not seen by us or stored by us on this terminal or on our web site host’s server.
We don’t ever have or seek access to your credit card details.

Links to other websites
Sometimes our website may contain links to third party websites, for your convenience and information. When you access a another website, please understand that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of that site.

Other privacy information and how to contact us
This company may change its Privacy Policy at any time. We will make available this policy to anyone who requests it, whether at our office or by use of our website. For further information about privacy issues and the protection of privacy visit the Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner’s website at If you feel that we are not complying with this Privacy Policy, or if you have other privacy concerns, please contact our Privacy Officer (using our contacts page).